The Worlds Best Asset Tracker

The asset tracker we are selling is from Ninja Tracking, we are a subsidiary of Ninja tracking.

The parent company is going from strength to strength after a number of blue chip clients have signed up for their asset tracking service, this has spanned a growing number of industry types and has really proved the concept that if the device is good enough then big business will gladly use a low cost tracking device to protect its assets.

Assets – Artwork

Assets come in many formats and we have developed our asset protection and recovery solutions to suit each individual clients need, for example our trackers are now protection collectors artwork as it is moved and on display from exhibition to exhibition, in this industry the first 5 minutes are vital in relation to alert and recovery and our solution reflects this.

Assets – Electrical

Then we have trackers now installed in valuable electricity components such as transformers, with the growing trend in semi precious metal theft copper carrying components are now near the top of the list as a target. These options are long life extended battery solutions with 6 month intervals between recharge even with extensive use.

Assets – Performance Cars

A bespoke solution here allows a prestigious performance car club to be alerted when their cars are driven above 130 mph and when they are in the vicinity of any port and then if the car goes abroad they have live tracking across Europe until the car is recovered.

So there are just three very diverse solutions that show where asset tracking is needed one solution does NOT fit all businesses, our team work to get the very best fit possible allowing an asset to be protected to the very best level.

If you add into this the fact that the Ninja tracker is using state of the art technology and components manufactured and utilised in the Iphone 4 then it shows that a low cost tracking device can out perform any device in its field even those upwards of £1000's.

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